Working in the garden? Broadfork is your reliable assistant

For a large number of people gardening is associated with all sorts of exhausting activities that tend to repeat annually. To be honest, working with land does require some substantial efforts yet, there are plenty of ways to reduce the workload to minimum. In what refers to digging and soil aerating tasks, all depends on which type of instruments you use in order to get the job done. Speaking in advance some tools involve lots of muscle work, while others allow you to operate the instrument quicker and with higher efficiency. The broadfork is just a bright example of how one turns gardening into less energy-consuming kind of hobby.

Reasons to have a broadfork in your household

Normally, prior to starting the planting procedure, there’s some preliminary work that needs to be done. The soil has to be softened and well aerated. For that purpose many use a conventional fork and a shovel as the major instrument for digging. But, as one knows, working with these tools usually requires lots of physical strength and quite a lot of time. Suppose, everyone who’s tired of energy- and time-taking sort of work, would gladly exchange a shovel for some more convenient garden appliance. Luckily, our online store offers such a unique opportunity to all seeking for a good alternative to traditional tools. Thus, when purchasing a best broadfork tiller from our shop, you acquire:

  • A versatile device applicable for all kinds of soil works
  • Sturdy construction, capable of taking any pressure created by operator
  • A tool that keeps your back muscles relaxed throughout the work
  • Heavy-duty instrument that allows you to extract roots without damaging them
  • Ability to work 3-4 times faster compared to traditional devices

The model range to choose from



In case you were looking for a reliable tool to loosen up land in your backyard or garden, you’ve come to the right place. This sturdy device with adjustable tines and the heavy-duty frame was primarily designed to work on the larger areas and leave the weeds no quarter to grow. Despite its bulky looks the appliance is lightweight and easy to operate. It’s a real catch for all the beginning gardeners.



In addition to good looks, this 5-tine digging device boasts a great versatility and the highest level of convenience. Things like a pain in the back and fatigue are no longer issues with this product at hand. The 12-inch steel tines allow you to do the weeding with maximum productivity since all the weeds roots are becoming extracted completely.


This model of a broadfork tiller not only digs but loosens and aerates the land at the same time. What makes it so popular is that it’s suitable for practically any type of soil. The long tines pull out the roots entirely, causing minimal damage to your garden’s ecosystem. Also, a wise construction allows the efforts to be reduced to a minimum. All in all, the product is worth every penny spent on it.