Window Film: Solutions for Today’s World

With technological advances, come innovative ways to make things better and window film is one of the products with a range of benefits for the user. From security to UV protection, window film provides us with a variety of solutions.


Security film

This is fast replacing the traditional steel bars and mesh that offered some deterrent to the burglar. Ever opportunistic, they wait for the right time and can often break in through a window in seconds. With crime rates rising, it makes sense to protect your home against intruders and window film allows us to do that without affecting the aesthetics of our house. Installed from the inside of the window, security film protects against intentional breakage, vandalism, and storm damage. The installation team will carry out the work without having to remove any of the windows or doors, and when the job is completed, the most vulnerable entry points of your home will be protected.


Window film for decoration

Window film is used in many ways, with privacy high on the list. Meeting rooms, offices, that large bedroom window, all can use the seclusion that the right film will provide. Over the past few years, decorative window film has grown in popularity, and with the latest technology, there are many choices. Restaurant menus can be tastefully applied using window film, to boost the visual image of your business area. Opening times can be inserted, along with other useful information for the consumer.

Frosted film

This gives us the best of both worlds, a frosted section with two or three clear, horizontal slots, gives you the ability to see without being seen. It is ideal for management who prefer to have a visual contact with their staff, with the right configuration; one can have a complete vista of the surrounding area, while retaining your privacy. This type of film is perfect for those office situations where one can be interrupted at any time, with so many departments working closely together. Using vinyl and film, one can create the perfect environment, adding style to your property, while giving you that privacy and seclusion.

Solar window film

This exciting new industry offers total,cost-effective solutions for UV protection with premium quality solar window film. The glare and harmful UV rays damage our carpets and furniture, and they begin to look faded and worn due to the constant attack from the solar rays. Shield your interior by applying solar film, which protects against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Another benefit is the reduction in temperature during the summer months, reducing solar heat gain by as much as 80%, leaving your room much cooler.


Professional installation

Applying window film involves attaching the film to the glass frames by silicone sealing or mechanical anchoring, creating an impenetrable layer to prevent forced entry by breaking the glass. The installers will prepare all the surfaces before applying the window film, which gives you instant protection. By using the services of a professional window film company, you can be sure that the workmanship is guaranteed, along with the product itself, while providing total solutions for your home.