What to Do During a Home Renovation

If you are fortunate enough to be completing some renovations and remodeling to your home then, depending on the level of work you are having completed, you have been Unfortunate enough to realize that you can’t continue to live at your home during the entire construction period.

Instead of calling your dreaded Mother-in -Law, here are some great alternatives.

A Few Days – No More Than a Week

If you are being pushed out of your home for a few days, but no more than a week (or, so says the Contractor) then consider taking the family on a camping trip.

Given that it isn’t a vacation, you don’t have to choose anywhere exotic. A simple campsite at a local forest will do the trick.

1-3 Weeks

If your contractor is a little more skeptical…or honest…then the time frame might look more like a few weeks, but nothing more than a month.

If this is the time you have, visit the Groupon Coupons page for Hotwire to get discounts on extended stay hotel rooms. Of course, seems you will be gone for a matter of weeks, give some thought to also taking time off work and heading away for a vacation.


Okay – so now your Contractor is telling you that there are more problems than they anticipated and the property will need to be vacant for a matter of months.

Months is too long to go camping and likely too expensive to stay on vacation. Instead, check out sites like AirBnB where you can rent an entire apartment or house for months at a time at a reduced rate.

Alternatively, speak with your local realtors for any homes which are vacant and in need of a short term rental. These places are often fully furnished, meaning you can pick up and move straight away.

While you look forward to a renovated or remodeled home, there is a bit of work which has to happen first. Unfortunately, this work also comes with inconveniences. However, remember that whichever accommodation option you choose, you will be returning to a new home!