What Moving Companies in Long Beach Can Do For You?

If you’ve never used a moving company before, you probably have no idea what the services of one can do for you. Most moving companies in Long Beach offer the basic packing and loading a truck, but there are a few that will go above and beyond to provide just about anything you need for moving. The following are some of the services you can find in some of the best moving companies.


Most people think of packing is picking up items, wrapping them, and then placing them in a box. Packing can be so much more than that though. Many moving companies will have special boxes for different items. For example, there are wardrobe boxes for clothes and large crate boxes for televisions available. This keeps items extra safe through the move.

Packing also involves using special packing material. Sometimes, everything can be packed with paper, while in some situations; items must be wrapped with bubble wrap. It all depends on the fragile nature of the items.

Moving Boxes and Furniture

Moving boxes and furniture down stairs and out doorways can seem almost impossible, but not for professional movers. They have a team, which makes it easier for everyone to move items, and they know how to move boxes and furniture with great skill. Even in the tightest places, movers will make their way through maintaining great care of the items.


Driving the Moving Truck

Most people do not have a commercial driving license, which means they do not have the experience in driving big vehicles. While you don’t need a special license to drive a moving truck, it can be difficult to navigate. A moving company that offers driving as part of their services will have experienced drivers who have no problem taking your possessions from one home to another. You can follow the truck in your own vehicle, which you are much more comfortable driving.

Unloading the Truck

Once you get to your new home, you may be so exhausted from packing boxes and moving furniture that you won’t want to unload everything. A moving company that offers unloading of the moving truck can be such a relief for you.

When a moving company does this, you can tell the movers where the boxes go and where you want the furniture placed. It can make the whole process of getting your new home together much easier and faster.

Storage Options

Storage can be a great option when you can’t move into your new home immediately after leaving your existing one; or you have more possession than what your new home can hold. With long term and short term storage options, you will be able to have your boxes and furniture securely stored for as long as you need them. Many moving companies will take your possessions to the storage site and unload them, especially when it’s part of their services.

Where can you find all of these services in a moving company? Right here. We offer all of these services and more, so call us today for more information about your Long Beach move.