What a Glazier Can Do for You

A glazier is someone who creates structures and items made out of glass. Since glass is so difficult to work with, those who work with it actually have their own name and title. Glass is very brittle, delicate, and can be broken very easily. It’s also very difficult to shape it or make items out of it. Therefore, if you need an item made from glass, you should consult with a quality glazier. You might not understand what, exactly, a glazier can do for you. There are many items, such as windows, that are obviously in the purview of glaziers. However, there are many more items that you can look for from a glazier.

Shower Doors

Glass makes a great material for shower doors. Shower doors, if you have the type of shower that is conducive to doors, are great because they provide an easy way to seal off your shower. Unlike a shower curtain, a door is easy to clean and very durable. Shower curtains, especially plastic shower curtains, are very difficult to clean. Though plastic is waterproof, it is actually very porous. Meaning that it creates a great breeding ground for mould and mildew. If you have a plastic shower curtain, you have likely witnessed the growth of mould and mildew on said curtain. However, if you had a glass shower door, you wouldn’t have that problem. Glass doors are nonporous and waterproof. Glass does not absorb moisture. Sometimes, mould and mildew will grow on the surface of shower glass, but it is easily cleaned off. Also, glass is not easy to damage. It can be shattered by blunt force, but in the absence of blunt force glass is not easily damaged. As it is so difficult to scratch or scuff, your shower door will be in great shape for decades. In addition to glass doors, glass can make a great balustrade in WA.


Creating a barrier on a balcony or along a flight of stairs has two distinct purposes: safety and aesthetics. You need barriers to make sure that everyone in your home, or office, is able to walk up and down the stairs, or along the balcony without worrying about falling. The barrier serves the same purpose as a railing on a stairwell, or a balcony, but it keeps your visitors safe. This is important, especially if you have children around. However, different barriers can obstruct your view. For example, wooden railed balustrades can obstruct the view and disrupt the sight lines in your home. If you choose a glass railing, you won’t have to worry about obstructing your line of sight, while also securing your home. A clear glass balustrade is very effective because it offers all of the security of any other solid material, but it’s also completely transparent. Also, glass is great because it is easy to clean. Other types of materials are either porous or rough. Rough and/or porous materials are difficult to clean because they provide nooks and crannies for bacteria and dirt to hide. Glass, however, is not susceptible to these kinds of problems. Glass is nonporous, making it easy to clean and maintain. It will also not obstruct your view.