Unique Design: 5 Ways to Make Your Real Estate Website Stand Out

In the past year, we saw some interesting new web design trends. Some were worth trying out and some were not. Many web designers have used some of these trends combined with good web design strategies and, in that manner, they have created some top notch websites. So, if you want to make your real estate website stand out from the fierce competition, the best thing to do is to stay updated about the newest design trends. You have to know how to create the best user experience.

Big, Bold Text

The title or heading is the first thing everyone notices when they land on your homepage. Therefore, it has to be easy to read. Big and bold fonts that will immediately convey your brand name are a must. Put your logo in the front and center of your homepage, and below the logo, a large and bolded name of your brand. Below, you can go with a smaller scripted font. Use the same fonts throughout your website design, because you will create a stylized and clean look that will both build and enhance cohesion.

Ghost Buttons

Ghost Buttons got their name from the transparent look they have and are usually placed over some large images or animated backgrounds. When you hover over them, they usually change color or light up. These buttons emphasize the sleek design and are similar to normal call to action buttons that will entice the users to click.

Ghost buttons usually have high user engagement and click rates, because of their different and unique style. Remember this – even though ghost buttons will give your website a more modern look, do not overuse them, because you will reduce their effectiveness.

Engaging Visuals

Every real estate related website has to have high quality images, but there are new visual trends that are constantly evolving, and icons are one of them. Icons can help you attract users to navigate through your website and, if you pair the icon with the header, you will actually improve the engagement of your content. So, make sure to use interactive icons.

Not only are they helpful, but they are also rather engaging. They will provide a memorable user experience and extend the time users spend on your website. Also, make sure to keep the same design and style throughout your entire website.

Sticky Header3

A Sticky Header or a fixed navigation bar is a crucial part of your website design that will improve user experience. Instead of your visitors scrolling back to the top of the page every time they want to visit a different page, the sticky header moves with them and always remains at the top of the screen.

There is a simpler menu, called nav drawer or hamburger menu. This menu always stays in the top left corner of your website and has the function of a drop menu that displays other pages of your website. Some people do not prefer this type of navigation, because they think it hides the content. It’s up to you to decide.

Long Scrolling Website

Because of the sticky header, long scrolling websites have become extremely popular, and many designers are now experimenting with them. Having this layout on your website enables your visitors to easily get more information by scrolling instead of navigating from page to page. This, in combination with interactive icons, text and animations, will encourage the visitor to continue to scroll through your whole website.

These are currently the most popular design trends that can help you to make a unique website and help it stand out from the crowd. However, you should bear in mind that the design needs to appeal to your target audience and be congruent with the industry standards. So, when you are designing your website, make sure that you combine a basic website strategy and some of these popular trends to create the right balance. Your website will have a unique and stylish look, be appealing to your audience and easy to navigate, so that your visitors can find all the information they need.

If all this seems too difficult for you, there is an option, and it’s not that costly. You can check out reviews of the best SEO companies, find a good and reliable one, and outsource a majority of the aforementioned tasks to them. Be careful though, and only choose to hire teams that have a solid background.