Achieving a Travertine Look with Cheaper Porcelain Tiles

Tiles are important building materials that do more than the enhancement of the structure’s aesthetic appeal. Travertine are natural rocks that create an elegant look and yet are quiet expensive compared to other materials that are made into tiles. On the other hand, Porcelain Tiles are generally man-made and are crafted to be harder than travertine.

What the travertine is made of

One of the most distinct characteristic of travertine tiles that allows it to dominate other building materials of this sort is its look. The rustic classic guise is distinctive to this stone along with the shades of gold, gray, light brown and tan. The most desirable appearance of this rock is the weathered impression which is usually unpolished and classy. A lot of people are amazingly lured by this finish such that they consider using it on their bathroom floors, kitchen backsplash and countertops.


The natural rock cost

Like any other natural stone that has undergone extraction and other processes before it can be used as a building material, travertine can cost a huge amount of money; thus considered as a luxury covering for floors and walls. Depending on the market, availability and quality, travertine is expensive as it can reach around $20 per square foot.

Advantages of Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain are cheaper alternatives to the costly rock tile. With the creativity of man infused with other resources around him, the porcelain material can imitate the luster, color and classy finish of the travertine.

Aside from the appearance, porcelain is liquid and stain resistant.as compared to natural rock materials that are porous by nature. Porcelain can be glazed with melted glass to make sure that the surface is protected from water and other liquids.

Porcelain tiles are fireproof. They do not burn under any normal circumstance and this ability can prevent fire from spreading out into the entire infrastructure.

Moreover, since man has found a way to imitate nature, he has also remedied some of the natural weaknesses found in travertine such as breakage and cracking. Porcelain tiles can last for decades because they are resistant to physical impacts.