Top 5 species for evergreen hedging

A large number of people prefer evergreen hedging over any other type in order to give their areas an all-year round green boundary. Generally, evergreen hedge species are a tad bit expensive when compared to deciduous hedging but they have more advantages than any other type of hedging plants. Some of the benefits are disguising some unattractive portions of your neighbor’s or your own garden/portico apart from giving privacy all year round. They also set a great background in your lawn or garden space against which other flowering and ornamental plants can be shown off. They even provide safe nesting areas for birds. They also help with decreasing the noise pollution and even absorb pollution!


Here are the best 5 evergreen species of hedges:

1.      Privet: They are also called Ligustrum ovalifolium is excellent for thickly populated cities by the coast line where the pollution can be high. They glow at a fast pace but tend to lose some leaves in the winter though they quickly grow back during spring.

2.      Common Laurel or Cherry Laurel: The scientific name of this hedging plant would be Prunus Laurocerasus. This species is extremely popular thanks to their characteristic bright green glossy leaves that stay intact during the harshest of winters. They are almost maintenance free, grow fast and grow in nearly every climatic situation.

3.      Leylandii: This plant is also called Cupressocyparis Leylandii. They are perfect for garden enthusiasts who love a forest look. They have dark green, dense foliage.

4.      Yew or Taxus Baccata: This plant pretty much rules amongst the evergreen lot. Considered the ‘King’ of hedging, it has lush, luxurious and dark green foliage. They grow rather slowly but are easy to maintain.

5.      Lonicera Nitida: This variety grows very fast and has very small leaves. Thanks to the size of its leaves, it looks quite neat when just trimmed.

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