TIps on Picking a Bathtub

Relaxing by soaking in a nice hot bath can relieve stress and soothe sore muscles. Finding the best bathroom tub can be challenging. Choices are endless. The following are some questions to consider before making this major decision.


What kind of space is available for bathtub? Would you consider a whirlpool option? Do you have young children? Do you want to use your tub to bathe your pets? Do you want an optional shower? Show doors or a curtain? Would you rather have a walk-in tub, a sunken tub, or a footed tub? What kind of material would look best? What style would you prefer? Which tubs are the easiest to keep clean?

Things to Think About


Availability of space is the major factor in your choice of bathtubs. Quality and cost are also something to consider when you are hunting for the perfect ‘get away from it all’ bath time tub. Tubs made out of fiberglass are often cheapest, but are prone to discolorationand scratching. Fiberglass tubs that offer an acrylic finish usually look better longer. Steel tubs coated with a porcelain enamel coating are usually glossy, durable, easy when it comes time to clean, and smooth. Cast Iron tubs that are coated with enamel last nearly forever. However, they do weigh a lot, making them ideal for use on the ground floor of your home. Acrylic offers a finish that is highly glossy, and a durability that is top notch. Since the color is solid through the entire piece, you won’t be apt to notice scratches. This type of plastic is also ideal when you want a whirlpool that is unique to your bathroom, or if you have an oddly shaped tub, like those with head and arm rests. To top it all off, the tubs weigh much less, making them perfect for upper floors.

Make the Decision

When you are ready to change out your tub, consider looking at for the perfect fit. They have lots of options, sizing and style tubs for your home.