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Three Reasons to Choose Bespoke Furniture to Organise Your Life

In many areas of life compromise is necessary. When it comes to bespoke though, clients and costumers needn’t come to terms with the terms of furniture or designer’s own visions for their homes at all. Whether fitted, stand alone, custom made or simply customised, the fact remains; bespoke furniture and furnishings fit you – your needs, your home and your style. Hence, bespoke isn’t just a creative, innovative and adaptable means of creating your perfect home or realising your interior design dreams, it is also a cost effective and stress free means of achieving it.


Furniture and Furnishings to Fit Your Needs

Bespoke furniture and furnishing designers build their businesses around recognising that every home and family have their own needs. Hence, when standard furniture and off the shelf furnishings fail to hit the mark or make the grade, whether this is because they fail to fit into your aesthetic version or even your home, going bespoke might prove the solution.

For a fantastic introduction to how bespoke home furnishings can provide that solution, Audrey Johns is a well established and highly regarded bespoke soft furnishings option in the UK. As well as championing quality and customer service (which is important as creating bespoke items or designs requires real communication between a client and company / designer), having been established for over 20 years now Audrey Johns recognise their clients’ needs aren’t just material (pun intended); their furnishings consequently are made according to strict and unwavering specifications, taking into account child safety standards, going through rigorous quality checks before reaching you and only using fabrics sourced via authorised fabric suppliers.

To find out more visit the Audrey Johns website.

Furniture and Furnishings to Fit Your Home

Furnishings are nothing without furniture though. Fortunately, there are as many great bespoke furniture designers out there as there are bespoke furnishing designers. Of them, Barbara Genda instantly comes to mind as a designer whose work provides the perfect balance between luxury and function. As is, the furniture design industry seems determined to champion aesthetics over function or vice versa. Meanwhile, a handful of British designers, of which Genda is a great example, seem equally determined to prove that function and aesthetics are not at all opposite or need be in conflict but can instead be combined to create stunning results.

To see some examples of Genda’s work and how she achieves this, visit Barbara Genda’s website, home to some of the very finest bespoke furniture in London. A great source of inspiration, Genda’s designs, ethos and results also place her at the top of her game and mean that bespoke fitted furniture needn’t compromise, and neither do those who plump for it.

Furnishings to Fit Your Style

Here comes the truly exciting bit. You have had your furniture created and fitted. Your bespoke curtains are already hangings, chairs are upholstered and walls are painted and papered. What is left?  Quite simply, the special touches that make a beautiful house a beautiful home.

Hence, for some great ways to add personality to your home, consider lighting. Lighting is a fantastic way to incoperate personality without introducing clutter. Whilst functional, lighting can also light up a space in a number of other ways. Take for example, the brilliantly quirky offerings Tyger create.


Tyger are a bespoke vintage lamp making company who recycle vintage glass, pottery and crystal ware into edgy, contemporary and utterly one off lamps. Visit the Tyger website to see for yourself the stunning results or to explore what Tyger could could create for you. From coloured crystal decanter lamps to artisan vase lamps, Tyger do it all. Hence, if you have an old vase, ugly family heirloom, bottle brought back from holiday or other sentimental, but clutter creating item you just can’t part with – see if Tyger can instead create something functional with it.