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The Security Of Property, Especially To Stay In One eye

A homely 35-year-old woman, to love the name, but the four men exchanges, fraudulently obtained money of up to 80,000 yuan. A few days ago, police arrested Cenxi this name with the name of love marriage, the implementation of fraud suspects Liu Mouyan, fraud uncovered four cases.

May 30 this year, local residence Cenxi Cenxi man Hwang came to the city Public Security Bureau police station, said that since September 2014, he started in Cenxi city and a self-proclaimed “Alan,” the woman fall in love. In the communication process, “Alan” has to spend money, medical treatment, buy land and other grounds, through rs 2007 gold before and after defrauding its RMB yuan. After receiving the report, the police quickly to carry out criminal investigation work, and will soon be living in a downtown hotel   Cenxi captured.


It turned out that 35-year-old suspect   also Cenxi people, when in September 2014 working in Guangdong, occasional Cenxi man Lin, Lin felt in the field met a fellow who is not easy, and the two talked very speculation, then immediately exchanged contact information and quickly developed into male and female friends. Soon,   from Guangdong back Cenxi, and often sick loved ones, all sorts of excuses to spend money, buy a house and so many money to Lin. In this regard, Lin believed good, not only a time to “aid” her, from matchmaking, friends Hwang would like to introduce to his girlfriend’s sister Liu Mouyan understanding.

Lin so unexpected, after Liu Mouyan get Hwang’s phone, then use on their mobile phone number and contact Hwang, and pretended to be  sisters “Alan”, using the pseudonym “Alan” and Hwang started contacts. During and Hwang exchanges, Liu Mouyan old tricks, leave no stone unturned in order to cheat Hwang money under various pretexts.

May 14 this year, in distant lands Hwang called Liu Mouyan let her driver’s license to help his brother pay violation fine. Liu Mouyan claimed to 1900 yuan to run, so Hwang 1900 yuan deposited in the bank card account on  , Liu Mouyan then the money taken out for personal consumption. Hwang Cenxi be back and found his brother’s fine has not been processed. Recall and “Alan” Communication in all the circumstances, Hwang smell a rat, the other may be a liar, he reported to the police.

Initially identified by the police, while maintaining and Lin, Hwang “love” relationship   and other identity, at the same time, and two other men Xiemou Mou and establish a “love” relationship, and use the same means Ask them to get money, money fraudulently obtained up to 8 million yuan. Currently, Liu Mouyan suspicion of fraud has been public security organs in criminal detention, the case is still under trial.