The Most Popular Blinds in the UK

Blinds are great for offering a host of functions that offer plenty of benefits, but it’s easy for certain styles to become less popular over time. Interior design is much like fashion with tastes and trends constantly changing, meaning a lot of people will opt to replace their blinds frequently.

Here in the UK, blinds remain one of the most popular types of window covers sold today, and with so much variety to choose from there’s certainly no shortage of great options. But what exactly are the most popular blind in the UK? Let’s take a look and find out:

Roman Blinds

Possibly the most popular type of blind in the UK for some time now, Roman blinds are noted for their style, sophistication and functionality. Consisting of soft fabrics that are available in a variety of tones, textures and materials, Roman blinds can offer plenty of vibrancy.

Better still, as they offer control over light levels, plenty of privacy, and the ability to insulate heat makes them a popular window cover throughout the UK.

For instance, in colder areas such as Scotland and Northern England, Roman blinds are ideal for helping to keep rooms warm during the winter, making them great for saving on heating bills! So, for those colder months here in Glasgow and the surrounding arears, a nice set of Roman blinds offers the perfect way to keep warm while also adding plenty of style!

Vertical Blinds

While popular in various commercial buildings, namely office building in all the major UK cities, vertical blinds remain a firm favourite in residential buildings too.

As their main benefit is offering plenty privacy while still providing natural light in a room, they are popular in schools and businesses, but homes that have them will benefit from a bespoke set of blinds that will fit perfectly and offer ample privacy.

This makes them especially great for homes located in busier areas – like right here in the city centre of Glasgow!

Venetian Blinds

A popular blind not just in the UK but throughout the world, venetian blinds offer the perfect balance of style and function. They can be found in homes up and down the country, with many liking them for their ability to provide privacy and light control while still being aesthetically pleasing.

Their slats make getting the right combination of light and privacy simple, while a variety of colour and material options make it simple to find a style that suits your tastes.


Wooden window shutters are an increasingly popular style of blind that has been making waves down in London, and we expect them to become a big hit here in Glasgow too. Why? Because many homes here, like in London, feature gorgeous bay windows that look stunning when adorned with wooden shutters.

Shutters typically come with natural wood tones, making them a gorgeous addition to most interior designs, so you can be sure that these beautiful blinds will become even more popular in the coming years!