Timber Shutters

The Many Upsides of Timber Shutters

Ah, there’s nothing quite like home décor options which really “work,” is there? We as human beings are pattern-seeking animals. It’s why we like to see order in everything from the games we play and art we create the lives we lead and, yes, in the homes we create for ourselves. The best home décor spaces fall in line with this type of behaviour as well. We like décor options that are showy and, indeed, can help show off our creative side, but they have to have some kind of pattern and logic to them or otherwise they feel odd and unfamiliar; in other words, anything but “homey.”

It is for that reason that you’ll want to take great care in selecting aspects of your home décor when it comes to interior decorating. That goes for everything from big purchases like flooring and couches to the oft-overlooked elements such as windows and shutters. Actually, shutters are one of the most underrated elements of home décor and here are just a few ways that internal timber shutters can add to an already amazingly-patterned room.

Wood with Wood

It was Plato who famously suggested that Likes should go with Likes and that this constituted an ideal form of patterning and order. Whether you agree with him or not, the fact remains that pairing timber shutters with décor that is already heavily influenced by wood-themed aspects such as wooden floors, tables, ceiling fans, etc. can help give a home a unified feeling, thereby making it feel more like a cohesive whole. When doing this, you can score extra points, as it were, by matching the same type of wood in each design aspect. Oak tables with oak shutters is a great home décor example of pairing Likes with Likes and really, with a stunningly cohesive combo like that, what’s not to “like?”

Consider Colour

Part of what you’re doing when you engage in home décor is determining what type of mood you wish a room to convey. One problem that many homeowners face is that their rooms feel too dour or downbeat or aren’t sunny and lively enough. You can fix this in part by employing brighter colours and, in the case of shutters, picking options that allow more sunlight in so as to literally as well as metaphorically brighten a room.

Size and Theme

One of the reason “Likes with Likes” and colour schemes are so important when it comes to home décor is the fact that they allow for consistent themes. You ideally want to select timber shutters that go with the theme of your room; for example, rustic-themed décor pairs quite nicely with most types of wood-themed decorating aspects including shutters. Finally, there’s the question of size. When it comes to home decorating, size really does matter: if you spend all that money on shutters that don’t fit your windows you’re going to be sorry afterward, so take the time to measure before buying.

Introduce a little more life into your home décor with fantastic timber shutters today!