Security Screens: Buy the Best and Be Safe

When you’re thinking about securing your home or business from intruders, do you rationalise by telling yourself the property is safe enough with locked doors and windows? While this is certainly the first level of defence against break-ins and loss, there are additional steps you can take. Fortunately, there is a leading supplier of security doors and screen systems to give you peace of mind.

As you consider taking these additional precautions, remember this: it won’t do to choose just any product. What you need is high-quality installations from a company with more than two decades of experience giving property owners a feeling of safety and security. Solutions are cost-effective with choices for all budgets.

Commitment to Security

To get a better idea of what you have to choose from, it might be good to look at three or four specific categories in security and safety products from this company. Begin with Invisi-Gard, one of the trusted providers of security screens. These are extremely durable barriers which provide a high level of security without obstructing the view through the glass. Products are carefully constructed using only the best materials, of course.

If you’re looking for security screens in Bunbury, you not only receive the most reliable products, but you also get unmatched customer service with clear and honest communication every time. With the patented pressure retention and isolation method from Invisi-Gard, the stainless-steel mesh will stand up to a determined attack from intruders and will give you years of service while resisting corrosion.

Another excellent choice for your security is Alu-Gard security screening systems. These all-aluminium solutions offer a perforated aluminium sheet held by a durable frame, giving you security, clarity of vision, corrosion resistance, and strength. Best of all, they look great as an addition to your home or business and are powder-coated to meet strict standards.

Strength, Reliability

Alu-Gard systems include a strong aluminium sheet retained by a riveted-aluminium frame and wedge retention system. The screen door system was tested to Australian Standards for hinged security doors, passing the knife-shear test, the dynamic-impact test, and the “jemmy” test. All Alu-Gard products are made to measure for your specific situation and are a great choice for residential and commercial use on hinged doors, sliding doors, balustrades, fencing, and as security screens on windows.

One more outstanding option from these leading suppliers is the diamond grille security screen, suitable for hinged and sliding doors. These products meet Australian Security Door Standards and should be used in combination with doors manufactured to comply with specific standards for durability. When you talk with a representative, ask about one-way mesh for added privacy. You will be able to see out but visibility into the building is reduced.

Grilles are manufactured from tempered aluminium for strength, delivering a great look and protection with the benefit of low maintenance. After you browse the extensive website, be sure to get in touch with these professionals to ask about pre-finished colours and other features. Make one call and be safe.