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Picking the right carpet

Which element do you think has a profound effect on the look and feel of your home? Is it your doors? Is it your TV? Maybe your blinds? While all of these elements are very important and can have a big effect on your space, a carpet is something that can make or break your home’s look and feel.

And buying the right carpet for your home includes a little more than just finding a style and color that fits you. And before choosing carpet in dubai you should review from the market and find where to buy rugs in dubai.

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First you should take into account your way of life, what you do in that room, the location, the material, the construction and maintenance. Carpet manufacturers have successfully answered many demands of consumers, good looks, value and easy maintenance, with lots of innovations and options that are expanded as the years go by.

When you are buying a carpet, functionality should come first. Ask yourself a few questions.

  • What do we use this room for?
    How often do we use it?
    Does the room get enough sunlight?
    Does the light change through the day?
    How often does it need to be vacuumed?

The answers to these questions will help you decide on the material that is most suitable for the room where you want to put a carpet in, and help you decide on texture, construction and color.

The types of fibers that are used for the carpet determine it’s basic characteristics and look. Today the biggest trend in carpets has become softness. People want comfort, and carpet manufacturers offer softness under your feet. Carpets suppress noise too.

While names vary from manufacturer to manufacture, products can be placed into several basic categories. Carpets can differ by the way of production and the material they are made of, and the quality of the carpet depends on both those things too.

Wool, the oldest of all soft floor covers, still is a luxury. Natural and woolen carpets offer a great number of designs, details and colors. Expect good stain resistance, but if you treat them immediately, as soon as something falls on it. This carpet is also fire resistant.

Nylon is very similar to wool when it comes to performance, but by average is costs less. It offers a lot of variation in style and construction. They can be placed on any type of ground, and they can be recycled.

Polyester is soft and it has a nice texture, especially when used in luxurious, thick weave. It’s a good choice because it can look beautiful, and is very versatile when it comes to style. But, it isn’t very durable. It will work great in bedrooms and playrooms.

Carpets can also be made from combinations of these or other materials, which improves their quality, their resistance and their lifetime. Some carpets made from combinations of wool and nylon, that are made with high quality, can last over a hundred years in the right home.

The way carpets are made also determines their quality. They can be made by hand or machine. Quality woolen handmade carpets can be very expensive, because it takes a lot of time, material and effort to make them. But, handmade carpets are of the highest quality.

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