Nut picker: how to turn nut gathering into joyful experience

Have you ever thought that nut picking can actually be fun? It really is should you use a proper tool to remove these tiny objects from your lawn. A product that’s best suited for this kind of work is called a nut picker which basically means a roller device with a handle and a cage to trap fruits/nuts.

It’s no secret that gathering some sorts of fruits often turns out to be a burden, mainly due to the need to bend and stay close to the ground. Normally, you have to bend over to pick a particular object you see lying in the grass and throw it into a bag or a bucket. However, with a thing like a nut roller, you don’t need to do that. The tool quickly gathers the harvest and allows you to rest and work simultaneously.

How a simple in use device can change your life for better

Undoubtedly, only a few people actually see a nut picking process as an effortless kind of activity. Only those who have used a rolling nut gatherer can actually do that – all because the instrument needs no special skills or intense muscle work. You can easily operate it with just one hand and remain relaxed during the whole time. A flexible cage made of steel wires is designed to let the objects in and lock then inside. Thus, kneeling or bending over is no longer required. You can work with no fatigue.

Choosing the best of the best

Holt’s Nut Wizard Large Nut Picker

Speaking of the Holt’s Nut Wizard, the device is a great choice for everyone owning a garden, especially when it’s all about gathering large fruits such as apples and pears. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t handle smaller objects like almonds or black walnuts. The tool is suited for objects of that size, although the process of gathering could turn out to be somewhat time-consuming. The product is made of the quality materials and comes with a large basket. It is good for those who have apple trees in the yard. Or the ones who pick up tennis balls on a daily basis.

Nut Broom Gatherer

When reading about other nut gatherer models, there are usually complaints about the lack of extraction instrument or spreader. This particular device is deprived of such shortcoming – the product comes with a specially designed tool that widens the basket and empties its contents in a blink of an eye. Besides, it works truly fast, much faster as compared to all currently existing types of nut pickers. Due to its durable design and repairable parts, it takes one of the leading positions on the garden tools market.

Garden Weasel Gatherer Pro

As for this one, there’s practically nothing to complain about. Besides, maybe, the fact that it is a bit troublesome to gather acorns that are very small in size. But as for its other aspects, it’s just one of the best rolling nut pickers money can buy! The sturdy steel construction and a large elastic cage will simply leave no one indifferent to this product.