Main Types of Wallpapers You can Buy from a Wallpaper Store

Painting house walls with a simple and single shade color is now out of fashion. People like to see patterns, colors and designs on their walls. Wall painting is a time taking as well as a long term change. People who like to change their home decor and wall designs frequently with the change in fashion could always choose to go with wallpapers for their house walls.

As the demand for wallpapers is increasing day by day, different types of designs and patterns are available in the market. To match individual choices, many wallpaper stores also customize their existing designs and patterns. Some of different types of wallpapers are mentioned below to ease your selection process:-


  • Lining paper –

Lining paper is not basically finished wallpaper. It does not provide a decorative finish to the walls. It is applied on the ceilings and the bare walls directly. This is to prepare the bare walls for paintings or for decorating the walls with other decorative wallpapers. The general purpose of the lining paper is to:-

  1. Hide or camouflage any dark color which was previously applied to the walls or the ceiling so that a lighter color can be applied.
  2. To cover or level the minor imperfections on the wall so that the wallpaper looks even and smooth on the surface of the wall.
  • Wood chip –

Woodchip is considered to be one of the popular wallpapers available in the market today. This type consists of small pieces of wood on its finished side. Wood chips wallpapers also have different varieties consisting of fine wood chips to regular and cheap wood chips. It is basically used to hide small imperfections on the wall. It is finished by applying a coat of paint on its surface after it is completely dried out.

  • Pulps –

Pulps are the cheapest type of wallpapers available in the market today. Basically it is just a pattern printed on a normal or basic paper. Pulps are very easy to strip off or hang but it should be carefully applied to avoid any stretch marks. The pulps stretch very easily and over stretching of any wallpaper can make it difficult to match to the pattern with the adjacent side wallpaper.

  • Washable –

As the name suggests, washable wallpapers have a thin transparent plastic covering which is basically covers the pattern on normal pulp paper. This is just a modified version of the pulp wallpaper. People, who like to be on the economical side and also want to avoid stained walls, should choose washable wallpapers. The coating over the pulp wallpaper makes it easier to wipe away any stains and marks on the wallpaper. You can keep them maintained by wiping them down regularly with a damp cloth.

Wallpapers are a great way to make your house a little more colorful and designer. Choose your wallpapers according to your personal style and the rest of your home décor. More importantly choose a store with thousands of wallpapers to offer.

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