How to Keep Pests Out of Your Garden for Good


When you’re putting a lot of effort into making your garden look nice, one of the worst things to come along is a pest. Whether it’s insects, bugs or the neighbour’s cat that keeps doing its business all over your newly-planted vegetables, keeping unwanted visitors from your garden is key to making it look good and ensuring that nothing is damaged in the process.

Find out which pests are coming into your garden

If you live in a countryside area, you might find that you have a lot of squirrels, badgers and other woodland animals coming into your garden. For town properties, you might still get squirrels, but you may have visits from the neighbourhood cats or dogs too. If you live in the city, you will find that you don’t get many animals, but you may have insects and bugs that regularly visit your garden.

Identify which pests will cause damage

You can find out more about the type of pests you get in your garden and how to keep them away on Richgro gardening online, but it’s very important to identify the type of pests that will cause damage to your garden. Some of them might be completely harmless, so it’s useless concentrating on getting rid of those when you could be thinking about ways to deter the others.

Don’t encourage wildlife into your garden

Some people love to put out seeds and nuts for the birds, but unfortunately this will also attract other types of animals into your property and around your garden. The more food you leave out, even if it’s not specifically for wild animals or birds, the more pests you will attract to your garden. Even if you recycle your old fruits and vegetables in a compost bin, be aware of the fact that animals will be drawn to certain areas of your garden as a result of this.

Fence off any open areas

If you’re making it easy for cats, squirrels and other animals to enter your garden, think about the ways you could alter your property to make it slightly harder. While there is no way to ensure that they don’t climb on and over the fences, you can certainly help the situation by filling any gaps, closing any holes and fencing your garden off. If there is an area you really want to protect from pests, put fencing around it and then a mesh over the top.

Use methods to get rid of them

While you can do all you can to try and prevent pests entering your garden in the first place, you may also need to get rid of them using other methods. Slug pellets, for example, are good for getting rid of slugs and other small garden bugs. Bottles of water left around your garden can look rather unsightly, but tend to keep cats out of the way. There are other methods too, such as traps, which you can put down for mice, rats and squirrels.