How to install a solar panel? Get Help from the Experts

In this modernized world the demand for electricity is getting more with time.  Both in the commercial and the domestic sector, the consumption of current is excess.  In relation to this the supply gets shattered sometimes.  Coal which is the actual source of electricity is the most limited resource available in earth. Due to this excess wastage of coal for many useless purposes, the resource is getting depleted over time and nothing will be left for the future.

Few years back, a new innovation, solar energy came to mankind and it is simply a brilliant way to save the natural resources like coal and in turn provide unlimited electrical consumption. Sunnova Solar is one of the leading organizations in America to provide asistance solar energy.

As said earlier that this power generation method is popular in both domestic and commercial sector.  In the industrial wings, there are large solar panels which are constructed to provide electricity in a huge amount.  Even houses have got solar base for electricity consumptions.


Procedure of installing a solar panel at your house

You can transform your home into a powerhouse of energy saving. No upfront costs are required for installing solar plants by Sunnova. It will save your electricity bills and there is no requirement of maintenance after the installation, as Sunnova provides you with a lifetime warranty cover in the solar service agreement.

The process of installation is simple; the firm partners with professional installers in your area and provide you with the required service based according to your specific needs. Additionally, they also work with the local contractors from your area, as they are familiar with your geographical area.

At Sunnova, they aim to make solar switch simple and convenient for you. The firm seeks only the brightest local contractors assess their experience and provide extensive training before bringing them on board.

Steps of installation:

  1. Consultation – Get in touch with the firm and request for a quote. The local installation partners will arrive to your home and assess it for possible solar savings and produce your own custom suggestion.
  2. Sign on the Agreement – You are required to sign your agreement of solar service for locking in a lower rate to receive clean power. After you sign the agreement, the team shall contact you to look over the terms and agreements and other necessary details.
  3. Designing  and installing the solar power panels – The proficient team co-ordinates and works with the installation partner and design the solar system that will generate solar power as specified in your agreement. Next, a date for installing the panels at your home ia given as soon as the required permission and approval is received.
  4. Inspection of solar system and setting up of Net Meter- The Company will come over to your house to examine the solar system installed in your home and will then set up a net meter. The net meter keeps monitoring the amount of energy you consume from the electronic grid. It also keeps a track on the excess amount of energy you exported to it.


  5. Energy Savings and Regular Monitoring- As soon as your solar system starts operating; it generates power, the electricity that is required to run your house-hold electrical equipments. It also indicates that you start saving your money on electricity.

 The expert technicians at Sunnova Solar will always your production round the clock. However, if you have any query, feedback or complaint, you can log in and sign into your Sunnova account or you can call us at our customer care helpline number.