How A Simple Wardrobe could Influence the Needs

Our world has become complex with a huge premium on time. With a purpose to effectively manage time, a lot of task items have to be made simpler and faster. Man & woman have started using their clothes as a display of statement of attitude and intent. They have started creating intricate needs in the clothes (with shapes and colours) they wear. The intricacy means that the plan (wearable clothing) has to be stored almost in a completed form. That will reduce the time to wear and time to remove and store for future use.  The desired storage in an easily wearable form is achieved by a proper design of the wardrobe. The wardrobe, thus, is a huge advantage.

What a wardrobe can do?

For every social event, man (or woman) wants to project a ‘message’ through the clothes he wears. The clear problem is that there is a lot of confusion on the final need. Every minute there is a new thought, a new idea, and a new combination in mind. It is a personal need. It is something which needs to be checked in total privacy or with privy to a dear one. A visual check of the possible combinations has to be laid out and seen and compared with our own eyes before selecting the best. Nothing can replace the effect or assurance of seeing. A wardrobe, properly designed, can offer that facility. It can have the facility of displaying 2-5 sets of clothes side by side. They can be interchanged and selections made. The rejected models can stay in the assembled form for a future date. The new combination that the mind now suggests can be procured and rechecked. The rest can stay in the wardrobe waiting. Or they can get folded and stored. The new trappings (clips, buckles or broaches) set on the combination. These can be interchanged for comparisons.

The Display Zone

In modern world, this is the most important part of the wardrobe. It can show the clothes, full length almost in the worn form. There are mirrors for checks in many angles. There are places to store other items which can be added or removed and stacked easily. The idea is to keep everything in a final form for quick retrieval and put on. The storage points are so designed that there is little need for dismantling the items.

What to hold?

The wardrobe needs to hold everything needed to be stored in the house. The storage should be providing the required volume with following features:

  • Minimum volumetric space (for non-display items)
  • Easy to add and easy to retrieve locations
  • Look decent. Excellent when doors are closed and good when opened
  • The targeted level of separation of items must happen. There must be no need to store shoes with dresses
  • Noiseless to operate
  • Must keep insects, dust, and pests out
  • Should have facility to keep smelly or to be washed clothes in a separate sealed space

Luckily, all the requirements are met in today’s wardrobes.

Author Box:

Robert Wolf with his right kind of advice helps your meet your home décor needs. He discusses the simple wardrobe or Garderoobid and its degree of usefulness when you realise the essence of it.