Helpful Hints on Kitchen Flowing Screed in Surrey

There are different types of screed; some of the most common ones are under floor heating screed, floating screed, unbounded screed and bonded screed. In this write-up, we will focus on the flowing screed and give you hints on how to go about your kitchen flowing screed in Surrey.

What are the important things to consider before carrying out its installation? First of all, check if there are trades, materials or debris in the area where you want to install the floor screed and make sure they are all removed. Screed must only be installed in an area free of any debris or dirt. Also, only watertight area must be considered for screed installation.  You should also check if the correct depth of screed is achieved by simply measuring from the datum level down.

Search for reliable Surrey concrete supplier for houses when looking for the perfect outlet for your screed supply. Find out if they have been around for long, as it is safer to work with long standing outlets; such outlets can deliver top quality and they have adequate experience to handle all forms of screed works.

Before installing the screed, also ensure that the correct terminal layers, membranes, expansion perimeter strips, movement joints and depth are in place. Also, check for the specification of the mix design for the screed. It is better to use screed pump, pan mixer or any other forced action screed machine, since they are better for making kitchen flowing screed in Surrey.


Make sure you disperse all the fibers into bucket of water used for each of the mix; afterwards, agitate it for minimum of 2 minutes. You can also continue to mix until the mix assumes a plastic consistency. Next, you should complete the screed area. Hiring a Surrey concrete supplier
for houses helps to quicken the rate at which the flowing screed is prepared.

After laying the screed, leave it till the next day to set. If the screed had been installed in a high traffic area, then it is important to install protection on it to maintain its durability and elongate its lifespan.  Make sure the protection for the kitchen flowing screed in Surrey is left in place until you have installed the final floor finish.

Some of the screed defects to watch out for are highlighted below:

  • Insufficient flatness
  • Rising damp
  • Crumbly throughout entre thickness
  • Crumbly surface
  • Bleeding or surface dust
  • Fractures around pipe work
  • Cracks.

How to prevent flowing screed defects

You may be better off using ready mixed screeds in place of the site mixed screed; this will help prevent some of the defects mentioned above and make the kitchen flowing screed in Surrey to last long.  Make sure the screed is laid when it is still very wet. Make sure the thickness is about 75mm to ensure adequate compaction. The risk of measurement error can be eliminated by using laser levels in measuring from the datum level. Also, allow adequate drying time for the screed after laying it.

What is worth doing at all is worth doing well. Therefore, do your due diligence to ensure top quality while laying the flowing screed for your kitchen. Ensure proper mixing, and install it properly. Also give it adequate time to dry, and this will help prevent defects in the flowing screed.