Bespoke Furniture

Having Your Home Designed Around Your Own Needs

Few of us are afforded the luxury of having a home built around our needs, to our specification or to our ideal standards and preferences. Hence, many of us instead attempt to make the best of the homes we have without ever realising creating a home and living space around our needs is still an option. Simply, few people realise that going bespoke when it comes to home furnishings and design is an option. In 2015 though, going bespoke is not a luxury afforded only by the wealthiest out there.

Take, for example, London based furniture designer, Barbara Genda. Genda’s success is as much the product of marrying exquisite style and quality results with an affordable  service. The fact is, Genda despite being a furniture designer, has never fallen into the trap of forgetting what great design means. Perhaps her years of work creating smart storage and sophisticated and stylish homes for real people has kept her feet firmly on the ground, and so prevented her from losing her head in the clouds, despite her success over the years. As such, Genda and her team’s designs reflect that very same ethos and celebrate the blend between function and style, which can be seen via Barbara Genda’s website where people can also of course learn more about Genda’s approach both to bespoke fitted furniture and her clients. Genda isn’t the only bespoke furniture designer out there with a refreshingly realistic approach to home and furniture design though, whilst she may prove one of the best when it comes to fitted furniture options.

Bespoke Furniture

When it comes to sumptuous stand alone and free standing  furniture,  especially one-off kitchen pieces, Barnes of Ashburton Ltd spring to mind instantly. Whether you are re-doing your kitchen or even just revamping, Barnes of Ashburton are able to create bespoke stand alone kitchen options such as clever and storage creating islands. Hence, even if you do not wish to or don’t  have the budget to, or have already recently had a bespoke or new kitchen fitted, that does not mean that that your current kitchen space cannot benefit from a bit of further ‘bespoking’ by means of a one-off and specially handmade dresser, kitchen table or even the addition of a pantry cupboard. Because everything Barnes of Ashburton create is created for you, the possibilities are limitless. Visit the Barnes of Ashburton website, to see for yourself how your kitchen could stands to benefit, whether through the addition of a family eating space, extra storage or a real wow factor.

Lastly, every designer knows it is soft furnishings that turn a functional house into a fantastic home. So, getting soft furnishings right is no trivial matter. As such, home furnishings and soft furnishings should not be items bought off the shelf on a whim or to simply dress a space. The fact is, a person’s needs are not just the sum of a person’s need for storage, a place to cook, bathroom facilities or somewhere to sleep. Soft furnishings are big business because people need a home, not just a house (however well designed) in which to relax, live and retreat to at the end of a long day.

With that in mind, bespoke home ware designers, like Amy Allwright, are a fantastic if lesser known about expert to turn to when creating a home to meet your needs. A bespoke home ware designer has a far more fluid, flexible and creative approach to opting for a large specialist bespoke upholstery company allowing them to turn their hand to produce numerous home ware and home furnishing options and design those options to suit your needs. In Amy’s own words: ‘If there’s something you would like for your house, whether it’s a soft furnishing, a pretty accessory or a practical product to solve a problem, I can turn my hand to a variety of things.’ Hence, designers such as Amy provide every type of home owner and even those renting property with the means of ‘going bespoke’ on any budget as items can be commissioned as large or small and as unique, functional or fun as a client would like and a designer can create. Hence, to learn more about bespoke home ware and home furnishing design, visit Amy Allwrights website.