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Guidelines For Commercial Lift Maintenance In Singapore

They are sturdy, efficient and reliable machines that take you to your office floor day in and day out. They don’t seem to get tired, neither do they sigh a complaint. Always at your beck and call, they bring you where you need and want to be, pronto! We’re talking about commercial lifts, and just how we simply can’t live without them!

Imagine this scenario: You get off your 5th floor flat and rush to work. At lunch time, you hurriedly leave your office at the 31st floor, for the food court at the 4th floor. Having arrived earlier than the rest of the maddening lunch time crowd, you get to finish lunch in just 15 minutes. With 45 minutes to spare, you dash to the nearby mall where a fragrance sale is on-going at the 7th floor. Before your one-hour lunch is over, you’re back at the lobby of the 31st floor, ready to finish the remainder of the day’s work.

Now, take a moment to imagine if there were no lifts in the office building and the mall! The scenario would be entirely different, right?

Without commercial lifts in office buildings and malls, and in other establishments such as hospitals, government buildings among others, going to places in a short time would be impossible.

Modern cities with high rise establishments have commercial lift companies that install these safe and reliable machines and make vertical transport a breeze. Aside from manufacturing these commercial lifts under the highest quality standards, commercial lift companies are also responsible for the operation, service, maintenance and repair of commercial lift systems, ensuring serviceability and the safe transport of both passengers and cargoes at all times.

What guidelines govern the maintenance of commercial lifts in Singapore? How can you, the riding public, be assured of your safety and convenience while riding these commercial lifts?

Lift Maintenance Guidelines By The Building And Construction Authority (BCA) Singapore

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Singapore is the government authority mandated to regulate and develop the construction environment in Singapore. One of the mandates of the BCA is to ensure that the installation, operation and maintenance of residential, industrial and commercial lifts are in accordance to set guidelines.

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In simple words, the BCA lift maintenance guidelines state that:

  1. Lift owners should engage only BCA-registered lift maintenance contractors to maintain their lifts.
  2. Periodic maintenance of all kinds of lifts must be carried out at intervals not exceeding one month, in accordance to the recommendation of the Singapore Standard CP2:2000, otherwise known as the Code of Practice for installation, operation, and maintenance of electric passenger and goods lifts.
  3. Lift owners are required to pay a lodgement fee for their Certificate of Lift Maintenance and Testing based on the number of lift with the same address that was assigned by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). The lodgement fee payable is $20 per lift for the first 10 lifts and $10 per lift in excess of 10.
  4. Lifts that will not be used for a prolonged period of time do not need to be maintained; the lift owner should properly notify the Commissioner of Buildings in writing of his or her intention to stop the operation of the lift. The electrical power to the lift should be switched off to avoid unauthorised use of the lift during the suspension of its operation.
  5. Lift owners who wish to resume the operation of their lift must engage a BCA-registered lift contractor to carry out the necessary maintenance of the lift, and secure a new Certificate of Maintenance and Lifting Testing with the Commissioner of Buildings.

Meyer Engineering is a BCA-registered lift contractor who can maintain all kinds of lifts. Companies like Meyer Engineering have proficient Consultants who can provide advice on your lift maintenance needs. Maintenance is necessary to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable ride.