Glass Doors – How Are They Beneficial Over Other Types

There was a time when walls were the only partitions that could separate a single room into two different rooms. However with advanced technology, manufacturing companies started designing room dividers  Otto’s Windows and Doors that not just help to divide the available space area into two but can be easily installed and uninstalled

The growing popularity and demand for the dividers has improvised them even more. Manufacturers have come up with glass divider, another best solution for dividing space. A glass divider not only gives a sense of partition but also keeps both the room connected.

Here are some of the facts about Glass Doors

  • From the time special space for the wardrobe was introduced, the clothes were neatly packed inside the racks and were covered with wooden doors. However, with the introduction of glass doors, it has become easier for you to find and finalise the wardrobe of interest for the day even without opening the door.
  • Instead of installing walls with small openings to divide living area from kitchen, you can use glass walls bordered with dark patterned panes. You can even select the colour for the panes that matches the decor of your living area. Glass doors help the mothers of toddlers and small kids to keep an eye on their kids from the kitchen, while preparing food
  • Separating sleeping area, study, wardrobe, bookshelves, etc, with wooden doors was once in trend. After the introduction of glass doors, it has become easier for people to enjoy a sense of privacy even when they have complete access to every part of their room.


  • There will always be a wall that divides your room from the bathroom. Instead of opaque dividers, you could install glass walls, which give you freedom to enjoy music or keep an eye on your little ones playing or sleeping your room during a shower.
  • With the installation of glass doors instead of walls, you can let maximum percentage of sunlight and air to enter the room. The effect can be enhanced even more by installing the glass doors in precise direction from where there is more access to sunlight. Bright and fresh air filled environment will always keep your mood calm and focused. Even your electricity bills will get reduced.
  • If complete deletion of walls is not your plan, then you can always try installing large framed glass windows. This will not only give you a sense of privacy, but also access to every other room in your home.

With the growing popularity of glass dividers, sliding windows, etc, they have become the most opted kind of room dividers in residential lofts, laboratories, staff or office rooms, corridors in schools, and so on. The glass files bordered with alumiiniumprofiilid (aluminum profile) have been preferred in institutions all around the world.

While building a home or school or any other such architectures, the walls takes around 1 or 1.5 feet area of every room. By installing glass dividers, you will get to save greater space area and also make use of such areas to the fullest.

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