Get the Most Out of Your Roof

The roof on a home or building is part of its first line of defence against mother nature. Your roof is exposed to a constant barrage of natural forces including the hot Australian sun, wind, rain, hail, and sometimes even snow and ice. One day your roof is going to fail, but you can get the most out of your roof while pushing that day as far into the future as possible with the right roofing services.

Maintenance Leads to Longevity

A building’s roof is designed to last, providing protection from the elements for up to 50 years or more depending on the materials used, but it won’t last forever. Sooner or later every roof starts to fail or leak, and when that happens you can be prepared with a roofing service that you can depend on to perform maintenance and make repairs. A well-maintained roof can outlast even the most durable roof that isn’t well-maintained. Regular servicing and repairs to replace damaged or worn-out roofing materials, perform cleaning, and apply a protective coating will maximise the lifespan of your roof.

Give Your Roof Another Chance with Roof Restoration Service

Even the most durable roofing materials such as hardened architectural tiles, stone or stone-coated steel tiles, and metal panels will succumb to wear eventually. Flashings are damaged or dislodged, sealants deteriorate, gutters and downspouts become dislodged or damaged, and tiles are dislodged or broken, leading to leaks in the roof. A roof restoration is a cost-saving alternative to reroofing or roof replacement that gives your roof a second chance at life.

Roof restoration starts with a free no-obligation roofing inspection performed by an experienced, well-trained, and knowledgeable estimator who is committed to giving you answers to all of your roofing questions. The most experienced tradesmen will prepare your roof by repairing all leaks and securing flashings, followed by a high pressure water cleaning to remove dirt and oxidisation. Your gutters and downpipes are checked and secured, then flushed to remove debris. Your roof is then sprayed with a coating primer followed by two applications of top coating to protect your Perth roofing from the elements, leaving you with a restored roof backed by a 20-year coating guarantee.

Reroofing and Roof Replacement Service

Sometimes a roof restoration just isn’t enough, especially if your roof is well past its expected service life or if it has been severely damaged by a storm or natural disaster. Reroofing is an alternative to roof replacement that makes use of as much of your existing roof as possible while providing a new installation of roofing shingles, tiles or panels. Reroofing is environmentally friendly as it conserves as much new roofing material as possible.

When a roof is beyond repair and not serviceable enough for reroofing, roof replacement is best. Roof replacement will include a complete teardown of your existing roof, service of damaged underlayment, new weatherproofing, new roofing tiles, new gutters and flashing, and a protective coating for long life and durability. Reroofing and roof replacement is backed by a performance and workmanship guarantee.