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Get Familiar with Roller Blinds and Roman Shades Before Buying

Many people are not aware that blinds and shades are different. Certainly, they are both window solutions, but technically they reveal different qualities.

Blinds are solid window coverings including vanes and slats that can get stacked horizontally or vertically. Slats are either vertical or horizontal and can be tilted at different angles manually to control light. Shades are soft window solutions made from continuous roll of fabric, which snugly fits onto the window. When drawn up with a cord, it stacks trimly, at the top.

Now that you are familiar with the difference between shades and blind. Let us check your chosen options – Roller blind and Roman shades.

Every window differs, which may be because of space restriction, window design or home style. Both Roman blinds and Roller shades are different. Both have their unique pros, cons as well as similarities.

Roller blinds

The reasons to select Laskosverhot (Roman blinds) are as follows –

  • Looks versatile
  • Appears stylish and impressive
  • Allows insulation
  • Controls light
  • Allows privacy
  • Can be customized
  • Are affordable

Besides the materials used to design roman blinds are as follows –

  • Sunscreen
  • Light filtering
  • Block out

Roman shades

The reasons to choose roman shades are –

  • Picture perfect, simple and serene look
  • Great for small window
  • Don’t hinder light, entering from the window
  • Creates soft folds horizontally, when lowered down.
  • You get an array of attractive designs, textures and colours
  • Light filtering depends on the fabric you prefer

The types you get to select are –

  • Flat roman shades – The fabric lies flat against the windows, when extended and stacks neatly, when raised. It provides uncluttered and clean look. It includes neutral colour backing, which prevents outside view.
  • Hobbled roman shades – When they are fully extended the shade material overlaps as folds. It creates a cascade look, just like drapes. With hobbled privacy gets lost a little due to extra fabric needed for folds.

Interior designer’s perspective

Roller blinds make the room feel cosy and warm. It is like having another texture layer on your windows, just like wallpaper on the wall. You don’t have to customize them because they are available in different sizes. Roller blinds are practical and can blend the room much better than blackout shades. These don’t get dirty like Roman blinds, which traps dust between layers that is difficult to clean.

Where drapes are unfeasible Roman shades are perfect, especially on small windows. If there is a radiator or heater in the way and you need something, which feels tailored then Roman shades are the best option. Roman shades are best alternative to drapery with regards to cost and look. Continuous cord loop is the best option for wide shades in terms of safety against traditional dangling cords. The bottoms can be embellished like adding fringe, beads, or tassels as bottom trim.

With all this information, you are equipped with sufficient knowledge to make a decision on which window solution to select. For more inspiration, visit the project gallery of Avaeksperdid – Kaihtimet ja Verhot.

Author’s Bio:

This guest post has been written by Robert Wolf.  Avaeksperdid is the leading supplier of awnings, roller blinds and curtains. You can visit their website to check their products. Experience of one decade in this arena is their strength. They not only supply products to Estonia, but even handle foreign deals.