Cost-Effective Ways to Transform Your Home

Home improvements vary in their effectiveness, and there are several reasons why a person would invest in a renovation or major transformation. The main reason is to increase the comfort level of the living space, while also adding value to the property, and with modern solutions, the choices are indeed varied. Here are a few ideas to inspire you to change the ambience for the better.

Wall Coverings

Many of us have a painted interior, while others opt for the look of concrete, and we mustn’t forget the timeless look of stone pavers, if one can afford it. Modern wall panels are made from composite materials, and with a range of more than 50 colours and finishes, any effect can easily be created. They are manufactured in 1800mm x 600mm sheets, which are flexible, so curving isn’t a problem. The average thickness is around 12mm, and a sheet would weigh less than 15kg, which makes it an easy material to work with.

Faux Concrete

We all love the timeless look of concrete, and now you can achieve this with composite sheeting that is non-toxic and non-combustible, and very long lasting. One can transform a corridor or kitchen wall with this innovative material called Stonini™, and with the supplier employing trained fitting teams, the standard of work is always first class.

Faux Timber

The range of timber finishes allows a homeowner to be selective in the shade and grain, and with each individual sheet different, there is a sense of uniqueness about the setting. Custom textures and grains enable you to choose something that blends in with the surrounding area, and with its durability, the product can be used inside or out.

Non Toxic and Eco-Friendly

The composite material is fire resistant and very durable, and with the colour added during the manufacturing process, chips or scratches will not be visible. Direct sunlight poses no problem for a composite sheet, making it the ideal material for Western Australia, and with the flexibility of a sheet that bends, one can create curves when necessary.


Waterproof and Bug Resistant

This composite material seems to have it all, with high resistance to sunlight and totally waterproof, it is ideal for exterior surfaces in any climate. Australia is notorious for insects and termites that eat away into most materials, so this material makes an ideal choice, especially if you are looking for durability.

3D Profile Panels

These emulate a range of stone finishes and have the depth that real stone would have, but with the flexibility and durability of a workable sheet that can be cut to size and fixed using industrial adhesive. With customised solutions, it is possible to create any texture or pattern, to guarantee a perfect match. If you really want to create a new look, inside or out, composite wall panels are the ideal solution, and with zero maintenance and great durability, your home will take on a new look that is both affordable and resistant to anything the elements can throw at it.