Cleaning Laminate Flooring – Tips You Need To Know

Alongside getting solid hardwood flooring, laminate flooring would be the next best factor. They’re not only attractive, but durable too. Nevertheless, they’ll still need regular cleaning to ensure that they’re searching new for many years. With nevertheless, below are great tips to clean laminate flooring you need to know.


Laminate floors isn’t so complicated to help keep clean should you sweep them at least one time per week. In case your home will get extra feet traffic you may want to sweep them every 2-three days.

The reason behind this, apart from just maintaining a cleaner home, is the fact that grime, sand and grit can certainly damage the top while you still walk regarding this. You may also make use of a wood floor vacuum rather than a brush if you want.

Simple Cleaning Method

You are able to certainly buy one of the numerous floor cleaning items to make use of in your flooring, but I would suggest a much better way in which will not cost anything.

Make use of your cotton mop having a bucket of warm water. I have used this to clean laminate flooring for several years and delay pills work great. Make sure to wring your mop well and do not puddle water on the ground.

Another thing that others did is by using this process, but add 1/4 cup of vinegar in to the water.

Among the best reasons for this process is you will not have that sticky feeling while you walk over the floor later on.

Obviously, you might spend money just like a Swiffer mop if you wish to, but you’ll be constantly changing it during the period of annually.

Other Tips

Ensure you never make use of an abrasive cleaner or steel made of woll on laminate flooring. You should not wax or polish a laminate flooring unless of course your producers instructions say otherwise. Finally, don’t make an effort to sand or refinish this kind of flooring.