Bathroom Plumbing Incidents That Will Leave You Either Horrified Or Laughing

Plumbing network is the portable water supply and waste removal system of a house. Plumbing sector is considered to be the fundamental and significant part of any developed economy. It consists of professionals, who install and maintain the whole system. They offer different types of services to their customers based on the nature of the situation.

These services include 24×7 availability, leak exposure, water and sewage installation and repair, pipe maintenance, waterproofing, upgrades, etc. You can also extend your knowledge about plumbing through research from the internet and online directories. This will help you to get reliable, effective and quality services for your plumbing system. You can also visit websites such as to gather information on the providers and their services.

Everyone needs the help of a plumber at some point in their lives to fix water pipes, fittings, valves or drains. So, the real question here is – was your plumbing situation horrendous, comical or just normal? Plumbers have faced so many bizarre circumstances that now they are provided with pin boards to share their strange experiences with others online. Some of the weird plumbing incidents are stated below.

Odd water heater installation

A plumber found a water heater installation to be the most unusual one he had ever seen. He saw that this heater was installed between the cupboard situated below the kitchen basin and the small crawling area.

Another plumbing professional reported that he found the vent duct of a bathroom fan joined with the waste gases removal pipe of a gas water heater. This connection apparently led to a showering person being exposed to a large amount of carbon monoxide gas in the bathroom.


Absurd piping situations

One of the contractors found icicles formed on the pipes that went all the way to the floor. This most likely happened because the owner left the leaking pipes untended for a long period of time.

Another reason is for leaking of the pipes due to bad connection. Inexperienced people often connect the pipes without fastening the joints. Due to this, the pipes are not linked properly and spaces are left between them. Water seeps and begins to leak from these spaces inside the various parts of the house such as cabinets, walls, etc.

Ridiculous toilet clogging agents

Plumbers find different reasons for clogging of the toilets in each house. Sometimes, it would be a cooked whole chicken in one house, while it would be a huge cluster of hair in another.

Nevertheless, the ultimate silly situation was when a customer found some problems with the functioning of the toilet tank. The contractor who came to inspect the tank found that frogs were the cause of clogging.

Dubious connections

A person attached its shower with an electric pump when it stopped working. He/she basically joined the pump to its head and directly plugged the connection to the bathroom switchboard. However, it is not a way to sort out the situations like this. There are so many things that can go wrong in this scenario, to the point of fatality.

Hence, if you are not skilled enough in plumbing, you can contact a trustworthy plumbing professional and make an appointment to get the repairs done. Also, check your plumbing system to find out the reason behind its malfunctioning and turn off the water connection if it causes problems.

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