A Guide on Choosing the Best Quality of Bedding Sets

The most important factor that influences your super king size bed’s quality is the fabric used to make it. Cotton is the recommended choice when it comes to choosing comfortable super doona cover sets. However, there are many other options that you should also be considered. There are even different types of cotton with different comfort levels. This guide provides you valuable information about the different options available so that you can make a well-informed decision.

Cotton Bedding Sets

Cotton is soft, breathable, and hard-wearing at the same time. All these factors make it the best-possible fabric for your super king bedding. There are different types of cotton and each one has its unique properties and benefits when used for bedding.

  • Pima Cotton: If you choose bedding made of this type of cotton, it stands out for its natural sheen and softness. Its fibres can be medium, long or extra-long, which allows making high quality beddings. It is mostly sourced from the United States.
  • Egyptian Cotton: If you want to enjoy the luxury of premium-quality bedding, Egyptian cotton is considered the ultimate choice. The super king doona covers are extremely soft and of high quality. The extra-long fibres of this cotton help make the softest fabric for your bedding.
  • Upland Cotton: This is the most commonly grown cotton variety and lacks in terms of comfort and quality compared to the other two varieties of cotton. This type of cotton originated in the Americas and then spread out to different parts of the world. The beddings made of this type of cotton are much more affordable.

These are many other varieties of cotton fabrics for beddings, but these are the most commonly used ones.


Silk Bedding Sets

Silk is another premium quality option if you are looking for luxurious and soft super king bedding. Bedding sets made of genuine silk is sensuous, cool and create a more romantic feel. The fabric is considered the ultimate in quality and luxury. A unique advantage to silk is that it is hypoallergenic. If you are going to choose super doona cover sets made of silk, you should expect to spend more and ensure proper care.

Flannel Bedding Sets

Flannel is nothing else but cotton that has been processed differently. It is the ideal fabric of choice for cold conditions. When you choose super king doona covers made in flannel, you get extremely soft fabric that provides excellent warmth. When it comes to evaluation of quality, flannel is assessed based on ounces per square yard. The measure of quality for other fabrics is thread count.

Polyester Bedding Sets

If you have limited budget and want to choose something more affordable and yet offers decent levels of comfort, polyester super king bedding is a good choice. Polyester can be harsh on its own, so it is often mixed with other fabrics like cotton to enhance the softness and comfort levels. Polyester is manmade material and is valued for its durability.


As there is a huge market for inexpensive super doona cover sets, a variety of blended fabrics have been developed, most having cotton as a common material. The three most commonly used fabric blends for bedding sets include:

  • Cotton and polyester
  • Cotton and bamboo
  • Cotton and rayon

Just because they are inexpensive, it doesn’t mean these blended fabrics are low on quality. They may not match silk, Egyptian cotton and pima cotton in their luxurious soft touch and feel, they are wrinkle-resistant and durable. Besides, they also provide decent levels of softness and comfort due to the inclusion of cotton. If you have children, these hard-wearing bedding sets do make a lot of sense.

You shouldn’t be surprised to come across bedding sets made of bamboo. The bamboo pulp passes through extreme processes to create a fabric that can match the best quality cotton bedding in terms of softness, silky touch and durability. In fact, quality fabric is also made of eucalyptus wood. It is not only soft and long-lasting, it is also eco friendly.

Thread Count

Once you have determined what fabric material you want to choose for your bedding, you should learn about the importance of thread count. It is the simplest factor that helps you determine the quality of your bedding. Higher thread count indicates more comfort. It is measured in terms of the amount of threads per square inch. The thinner the threads are, the higher will be their numbers in an inch.

You can get an idea of variations in the quality of super king doona covers from the fact that they can be found in thread counts ranging from 80 to 400, with the highest being for Egyptian cotton. The choice eventually depends on your preferences and budget.

‘Percale’ for High Quality

‘Percale’ is often printed on a fabric to indicate its high quality. It can be made purely of cotton or it can be a blend of cotton and polyester or other different materials. It refers to high thread count and a special weave type. If you come across such super king bedding, it is recommended to check what fabric is used.

Cotton is the Recommended Choice

It is almost always recommended to prefer cotton over any type of synthetic fabric. Besides, the high quality Egyptian cotton and pima cotton, cotton super doona cover sets are also considered eco-friendly and healthier options. Even though some synthetic fabrics can be highly durable, they cannot be as comfortable as cotton or silk.

Besides, you should also consider your bedroom’s décor when choosing the right bedding. Quality may be the most important factor, but colours, designs, and patterns influence the looks and aura of your bedroom. You should choose super king doona covers that offer the best balance of quality, price and aesthetics. You can always find high quality fabrics in a colour of your choice and something that also blends well into the bedroom’s décor. So consider all these factors when choosing the best quality bedding for your bedroom.