A Couple Frugal Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Investing the money and time in remodeling your kitchen is usually a good idea, particularly if you are considering selling your home at some point.  It is widely understood that kitchen gets more collective visits from every member of the family than any other room in the house.  The kitchen is a place of family meals and chats with the neighbor over coffee. It is a room of homework and cookies and pancakes and late last minute trip planning.

But, truly, remodeling the kitchen can net you a big return when it comes to sell the home, too. Now, that doesn’t mean that everyone has the same ability to invest in the remodel.  Indeed, any remodel project can be quite pricey. There are ways, however, to save a little money on this job.Related image


Replacing your old wood kitchen cabinets might make a lot of sense; until you see the bill, perchance. Instead, consider, perhaps, just resurfacing your existing cabinets. This might actually prove more beneficial as it would retain your home’s original charm and timeless quality while appealing to modern sensibilities too.  

Of course, you can opt to replace them, of course, and if you do there will lots of options to choose from.  Removing the old cabinets will, at first, provide you with more space that you could get more creative with. And when you remove your cabinets to install new ones you are able to make more intelligent choices about what space you do have available; so you’ll have to decide how much you are willing to spend and what your labor would best serve.


On the other hand, you may not want to resurface counter tops and just opt to simply replace them instead.  In fact, marble has always been a popular upgrade while granite has become more and more popular too.  The past few years, however, quartz has been a growing trend. It is actually tougher than granite and more resistant to burns and scratches. In addition, granite requires sealing every year while quartz does not.

If it is not so much replacement you need as even more counter space, you might also just add a kitchen island to your existing setup. You might be surprised how much versatility of this adds to your kitchen.