Vivint Alarm system

5 Reasons to Get a Vivint Alarm System for Your House

A home is not a home until it is fully secure and comfortable! I believe that it is the first duty of everyone to ensure and provide total protection to their family. The Vivint Alarm System is a unique and complete home security, home automation, and energy management solution which I see as an unmatched solution to meet your requirements.

Here are 5 reasons why every home must have this system.

1.      Total Home Security

The Vivint Alarm System’s home security package includes a security camera, door and window sensors, remote, motion detector, and a touchscreen panel to keep a track and control over what’s happening in your home. Besides, it has some advanced solutions that help you detect perimeter access and use remote locks. The 2Gig touchscreen panel provides all the control that a homeowner needs to have over their family’s security.

2.      Energy Control & Management

There are tens of thousands of users and I have gone through hundreds of vivint alarm reviews. I found that every user finds the 3-in-one combo features of this system to be the key reason for choosing it over other similar solutions.

Vivint Alarm system

Its energy management package includes a smart thermostat, appliance control, energy-saving bulbs, motion detector, remote, yard sign, weather alerts, sensors and a remote control app. Its energy management system also doubles as a security solution while helping keep your home more comfortable.

3.      Home Automation

If you want more control over things like communication and the doors, I will recommend choosing the home automation package too. It includes the energy management package and offers additional features like electric door lock, live wireless com, video camera and several other selective gadgets

4.      Better Control

A single app from Vivint allows you to control all the electrical and security systems in your home. Use the app to control the camera, alarm, thermostat, door locks, lights, and even small appliances.

5.      Excellent Support

Customer support is the most important factor for choosing any home security and energy management system. Vivint offers a highly versatile customer support platform backed by knowledgeable and professional support representatives.

It offers chat support, direct technical support, and email support. Besides, there are helpful online videos and FAQs that provide answers to most of your questions about how to use the system.

Overall, I see the Vivint Alarm system as the complete package for ensuring a home’s security. The additional packages of energy management and home automation make it more special.