4 Most Common Pests Found in a Commercial Setting


For any kind of business or domestic project, pests can turn out being a complete disaster. Especially as noticed in the commercial or business enterprise, together with hotels, schools, public lodges, food processing facilities and manufacturing facilities, it can turn out being a disaster if not taken care on time. Pest issues can turn out hurting your business big time, as well as damaging a company’s reputation too.

In the commercial sector the problem of pests and termite infestation is a humongous one. The point of concern here usually is to battle unwanted pests in your commercial setting and get rid of them asquickly as possible. Thankfully, you will find a lot of pest control Brisbane services to eradicate pests from your commercial property. However, the key is to get hold of a company which is steadfast in services and reliable too.

Some of the commonly found pests in commercial properties

Bed Bugs

The chief issue with bed bugs is that they can quickly spread since they are hitchhiking pest. To top it all, detecting them is a tough call and if you spot them at an early stage, it would be better for you. In hotels and lodges, the staff members need to get beddings inspected regularly. In case you notice red or rusty stains on mattress or bed sheets or yellowish egg shells shed through nymphs,then make sure that you get pest control treatment.


Wherever there are traces of food, you would notice rodents emerging from nowhere.Keep food in properly sealed containers and keep the food containers about 18 inches away from the wall as well as places where food is prepared. Zones where food is prepared and food services areas should always be kept clean as rodents are ever in search of food. Plus they have a strong smelling sense. In lodges and hotels that offer room services, dirty dishes should not be left out for a long time, instead get them cleaned quickly. Make sure that you get your staffs organized and get dirty dishes collected quickly, after a guest has finished with their meals.


Cockroach issues will never overcome. These invaders can livefor several months without water and food for more than a week.This is why it is crucial to opt for preventive measures. Cockroaches get attached to moisture real quick and this is why it is important to keep your area dry andclean. In a hotel setting,you need to ensure that the wet towels and bed sheets are removed quickly. Also check that the bathroom fixtures are not leaking, and if so get it fixed.


All kind of commercial businesses, especially restaurants,are quite prone to issues, such as fly infestations. Bear in mind that even one or two flies in your restaurant can cause a whole lot of issues as it has the ability to lay thousands of eggs in the food shipments. To add to this, they cause huge health hazard. They carry tons of infection and disease and can easily contaminate food. Hence the key is to maintain cleanliness.

If you are a hotel or restaurant owner, you need to ensure that you battle pest infestation problems fast. If not done so, they can cause loss for your business. To maintain your reputation and maximize flow of customers, seekout for professional pest removal services in Brisbane.