2 Fun Nautical-Themed Crafts to Do with Kids

Rainy days, cold weather, or just an itch to do something “different” can have you and your children searching for some indoor entertainment.

Instead of turning on the tv or plopping down on the couch with a tablet, why not get your craft on?

You’ll be fostering creativity and giving those fine-motor skills a workout, all while creating some sweet memories.

Check out these ideas for a fun crafting session with the special littles in your life!

Milk carton sailboat

Crafts made from items you probably already have around the house are a great choice for an impromptu creativity session.

To make a milk carton sailboat you’ll need 1 milk carton (quart size), paint (color of your choice), paintbrush, craft knife (only used with adult supervision!), 1 wooden skewer, cork, yarn, duct tape, 2 plastic bottle caps, and glue.Image result for Milk carton sailboat


  • Cut an oval shape out of one side of the milk carton.
  • Paint the carton the color of your choice and let it dry.
  • Just above the oval you cut out, poke the wooden skewer into the carton. Poke the skewer into the cork and glue on the inside bottom of the milk carton boat.
  • Time to make the sail! Cut six 12-inch pieces of duct tape. Tape them together by slightly overlapping each piece. When this part is done, it should look like one sheet of tape.
  • Fold it in half so that the sticky sides stick together.
  • Cut the sail into a triangular sail shape and then poke a small hole in the bottom and one in the top so that it can go on the skewer.
  • Decorate the outside of the boat with the plastic caps.
  • Add the yarn “rigging” to the top of the skewer.
  • Fill up the tub and watch it float!

Soap Fish

Why not add some fish to the water where you’ll be sailing your milk carton boat?

It’s easy and fun to craft a fish or two from a bar of soap.

To make each fish you will need an oval bar of soap (this will make one fish), 2 12-inch squares of nylon netting in the color or colors of your choice, wiggly eyes, 1 twist tie, a scrap of felt or foam, white glue, 6 push pins, sequins (if you want to add them!).


  • Lay the squares of net on a flat surface, on top of the other. Place the soap in the center, diagonally.
  • Using your hand, gather the netting around the soap as tightly as possible at one end of the bar. Hold it together with the twist tie. Pull the netting to make sure it is tight around the bar and that the tail looks nice and full.
  • Glue the eyes on in the proper spot.
  • Cut a mouth shape from the felt or foam and glue it on. A heart shape makes a nice fishy-mouth.
  • Make the fin by pushing the pins in along the top, at a slant.
  • The other pins will make a stand for the fish. Put two in the front, on the bottom and one in the back.
  • Glue on some sequins, if you want a blinged out fish!

For a project that’s a little more advanced, consider purchasing some soap making supplies and creating your own handmade soap for making the fish!

Let the creative juices flow and most importantly, have fun!